Individual Flat Doors

small and unobtrusive units useful for internal flat doors

Q. My mother is becoming more reliant on her wheelchair and finds it difficult to get out of the front door, can the door be made to open by a switch?
A. Yes that is possible a wall switch, a neckchain switch or even a telephone entry system can be used.

Q. My father has very little money to fund an automatic door what can he do.
A. contact his social worker, occupational therapist or the local authority and see if funding is available.

Q. We are worried that if my mother has an automatic door the security may be lowered.
A. We usually use automatic locking systems that offer the same or better security than currently installed.

Q. My brother lives in rented accommodation, he is now only able to walk with a frame, The landlord says he can have an automatic door opener but he does not want the walls drilled and wires everywhere.
A. we need to drill a few holes to secure any opener unit, and there would need to be a power supply adjacent to the door but other controls are wireless.