Visonic burglar alarmsIt appears that burglars are not bothered about locks.

As locks and doors have become more burglar resistant trending seems to suggest that smash and grab is now the way the thief likes to operate, locks are now so sophisticated that wasting time trying is pointless- far better to smash your way in and grab what you can. Looking through the window first to see what can be taken. Combined with slower Police response times this is fast becoming the norm.

For disabled people settled for the night by a carer this can be a horrendous experience we are able to fit ‘perimeter’ protection so that anyone trying to force a door or window or breaking glass will actuate an alarm, allowing neighbours to respond.

The kit includes a main control panel with keypad and pre-programmed devices; 3 x Pet safe PIR, 1 x Door contact, external sounder and 2 x remote fobs… basically everything you need for a standard installation in a conventional house. Additional components such as smoke detectors, GSM dialler and panic buttons can be purchased separately and programmed, to easily expand and customise the system to your requirements.

The ‘Express E’ system is Grade 2 approved (as opposed to cheaper kits which are either non-graded or Grade 1) and is suitable and recognised by most insurance companies for residential and commercial use when central station communication is not required.

The secure wireless connectivity means installation time is only 2-4 hours from arriving to leaving. It is simple for the disabled person to use and for carer’s to arm and disarm.

Full backup and annual service can be provided.

We can also supply and fit electrically operated blinds and curtain poles so that the curtains or blinds can be opened or closed by a fob control or by a time clock to prevent thieves looking in.